Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another peaceful night with only a modicum of destruction brought to you by the rail Comet. First was an unfit Navitas which only counted to warm the old reflexes up.

Next was a little more interesting. This Slicer was sitting at 40km from the plex. I guessed he was a standard kiting fit and I immediately warped out of the plex. However, I looked him up in warp and found practically all of his recent loadouts to be brawler fit. So why sit at 40? Very strange.

I did a U-turn and jumped back into the plex. He just sat there with me locked, waiting for me to approach. At about 30km I set my drones for the jugular so his shields had mostly dropped by the time I hit scram range. He started hitting me reasonably far out but I beat him down easily enough in the end.

Finally, an Atron in a plex. With some corp mates in system. Hmm. I smell a trap. Meh, whatever! I hop in and find the Atron sitting on the beacon. I actually expected him to be at the edge of point range (I'm getting everything wrong tonight, aren't I?) but still managed to land a quick scram and web on him. Keep at range 7500 along with my drones did the trick ( although I needed to overheat my scram a couple of times.

I spent all this time I was wondering where his corp mates were. I think he must have been wondering too, since he was evidently a little distracted after his ship popped (

Aha! There they are on short scan. As soon as the inventory window for his loot opens I hit align, then loot all, then scoot just before they lock me. Hehe, good stuff.

I ask them to pass on a gf and compliments on his reps to their late lamented Atron pilot. It is the first time I have ever received a remote gf after a fight!

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