Thursday, March 20, 2014

My blasty Incursus was blapped by a Thrasher. This normally wouldn’t merit a mention in the thread (I lose HEAPS of ships in fights I had no business taking) but this one was a little different. I was a bit bored so warped into a plex inhabited by this Thrasher (because you never know, do you?). He was sitting at the edge of scram range on the beacon.

That, I thought, was a little unusual. In my experience Thrashers are usually either at zero (fit with nasty autos, ready to tear apart poor little frigates) or out at long point range with artillery, ready to pound anything that tries to chase it down. Anyway, I hit approach, hoping to quickly close distance and get under his guns.

But this sneaky Thrasher was fit with double webs and a scram. Very cheeky. My Incursus slowed to a crawl despite an overheated burner. Even though he didn't have a prop mod I couldn't close in time to get under his arties. How rude.

So I wandered back to Hevrice and picked up another ship, this time dropping and extra web into the cargo hold, just in case.

I played for a while with a Kestrel who really didn't want to fight, warping out just before I slapped a scram on him four times on different plexes. Sigh, oh well I can take a hint. I jump to the next system and spot my double-webbing nemesis in a plex! I quickly switch my scram out for a web in the nearest station and hop into the plex.

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