Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is not strictly one of Zappity's adventures but this post might be useful for highsec dwellers who are looking at null. For the last few weeks I have had a couple of alts in Curse, an NPC nullsec region with no player sovereignty. I occasionally log into them when lowsec is dead or I just don’t feel like PvP. One is a stealth bomber pilot and the other is scout and support. I had accumulated a few hundred miskies worth of battleship loot and salvage and was thinking about getting it back to highsec to sell.

Traversing a dozen jumps through nullsec and then a lowsec entry system in my Badger of Doom (or whatever daft name it’s called now) is not fun. I recently sold my Viator character so I don’t currently have access to that fantastic blockade runner. And a jump freighter just isn’t going to happen - I’m not interested enough in nullsec for proper logistics. Black frog is far too expensive for this sort of routine transfer, especially since the volume is low enough to move in an industrial in just one or two trips. Hulls are, admittedly, a different matter.

So what to do?

Anyway, my scout finds wormholes in practically every system. These are usually to J-space but there is often at least one direct link to empire space in a nearby system. These are very good if the lowsec system is not too deep since low is trivially easy to travel through with an industrial and scout. So I entered the wormhole and found myself in Rammi, just a couple of jumps from a highsec border system.

Ahead went the scout but she really wasn’t needed. Two jumps later I was in Shuria where I dumped the boatload at the nearest station. Both characters then took an immediate but uneventful trip straight back to null through the wormhole.

And the loot? A public courier contract to Amarr, which was six jumps away, took care of that. This is underutilised in my opinion. Everyone rabbits on about haulers and freighters when, really, all you need to do is have your rubbish in any contiguous highsec system and follow these steps:

1. Identify the nearest market hub. You should have insta-dock and undocks bookmarked for these anyway so it is easy to figure out which is the closest.

2. Put up a contract with at least the value of your stuff. You should always price the collateral such that you WANT the contract to fail.

3. How much to pay? Between 0.25% and 1% of the collateral usually gets the job accepted pretty quickly.

This time a 1m isk payment for 400m collateral saw the whole lot in Amarr the following day, and Jita the day after for another 1m. I don’t know about you but my time is worth more than 2m per hour.

Edit: Today I found a direct link to a nice highsec location. Typical. Oh well, at least I can stock up on torps...

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