Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm in my Blasty Incursus and I see a Jaguar and Crucifier on scan, likely from the same corp. Hmm. The Jaguar is probably arty fit according to the boards and I wouldn't mind having a crack at him. Crucifier? Well I'll have a crack at him, too.

In fact, I'm happy to have a crack at practically anybody!

But not at the same time. So, let's try to split them up. They chase me into a Medium plex and then back to the Small, sticking together. Good discipline. Let's try gate aggression.

I warp off with both in hot pursuit. I'm a little distracted by my second screen while in warp (updating market orders) and when I pull my attention back we land and I am immediately yellow boxed.

I target back and the Crucifier aggresses and points me. Great! I hit Jump to try and tempt the Jaguar through.

Nothing happens. Bloody EVE client - you always have to hit the command more than once. So I hit it again.

Why the hell aren't I jumping? Oh. Wrong sort of gate. I accidentally warped to a plex instead of the gate (I told you I was distracted). And so I die in short order. What a noob.

Hehe, I guess I can't really blame the client for that one! What they must have thought about me just sitting there like a fool I can only imagine. We all have our moments.

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