Thursday, March 20, 2014

My first kill in a Comet. Great little ship.

Lowsec kill:

Blackfrog made their delivery (promptly as always) so I have Comets to spare. And how better to celebrate than to go fight someone? I fit up with rails (125s, AB/web/scram, mag stab/plate/AAR/DC2, two nano pumps and a ROF rig). Four jumps out of Eszur I see an empty Novice plex. Did I say empty? I mean with a Firetail. He must have just arrived - I swear it was empty the first time.

So, a Firetail in a Novice plex. Good stuff. I land on the gate just as he leaves grid for the plex. When I land he is right on top of me. I am fit with rails so I burn away, slowly extending my range and decreasing his damage. Huh, he is hitting hard. I should have overheated my prop.

The initial panic is subsiding so I check the 150 million km short-scan. Arazu. But I forget about him when I realise that I forgot to launch drones. Again. Be free little guys! And since it is time to remember things I also turn FRAPS on.


Yes, his damage has decreased A LOT so I think I can turn of my reps. And then, hah! An escape attempt! I hit approach and overheat the burner and scram and catch him at 8.5 km. Plenty to spare. And then I notice that I forgot to give my drones the attack command. Seriously, they are more trouble than they’re worth sometimes…

And so the Firetail dies. But I’m wary of that Arazu and automatically warp out as soon as he dies. Then, of course, I realise that an Arazu can’t enter a Novice plex so I head back for the loot. Mmm, tasty, an Assault Frigates skillbook which, unfortunately, I just injected last week. KhashThan Vorrgh was a good sport about the loss and declared spoils to the victor despite the skillbook. GF.

That was REALLY fun. I’m going to have fun losing these ships!

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