Thursday, March 20, 2014

So, one destroyer down. Let’s see what else is around. I repair my ship from the last fight and undock from the station in Augu. What do I see? I see an Omen and a Condor in different plexes. I head for the Omen.

I land in the plex and spot the Omen about 30 km away, orbiting the beacon. I haven’t looked up the killboard so I have no idea how the Omen is likely to be fit. I guess there is a chance that I might be blapped on the way in so I burn at an angle with an overheated MWD. He immediately sends a hordes of drones my way so I unleash Hobby the Mighty as I move in.

I manage to get under his guns in a tight orbit after I disengage my MWD. With most of his damage coming from the drones I decide that damage application is a higher priority than mitigation so I ignore the drones and continue chipping away at him with Void. But then he turns his armour reps on and I immediately wonder whether I should have targeted the drones. But no, I am hitting him harder than he is hitting me and I think the AAR will be able to deal with it when the paste runs out.

The AAR paste runs out just as my volleys start breaking into his hull between rep cycles. And then the module starts the one minute reload cycle. You will be shocked to hear that I forgot to disable the auto-reload! Sixty seconds is a VERY long time for a frigate. I watch in desperation as my armour disappears and the hull is slowly ground down. Surely this stupid repper is bugged - it feels more like ten minutes! But finally the thing stops flashing. 40% hull. I overheat the repper and set it going. And so the Omen dies to the Enyo. Ha!


Stressful. Bloody AAR auto-reload. It is my NEMESIS!

I have to admit that my hands were shaking just a little after that one. That’s my excuse for failing to check d-scan before looting his wreck, anyway. So when the Condor lands, unannounced, I have little chance of escaping it’s horrid clutches. And zero chance of surviving when the Vagabond and Firetail (piloted by the Omen pilot - good on him) pile on top after a minute or so. Oh well - a fair exchange I reckon!

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