Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kestrel + Griffin from the same corp in two plexes. We all know how this story goes: you attack the Kestrel and before you can kill him the Griffin warps in and excises you from the fight.

But you never know, so let's go! I warp into the Kestrel's plex but he doesn’t want to fight and runs to the Griffin's plex. I have seen this behaviour before so bounce off a gate out of d-scan range and straight back to the Kestrel's first plex.

Bingo. He has returned just in time and we warp into the plex together. I scram, web, and start to kill him. And, sure enough, here comes the Griffin on short-scan.

The Kestrel dies as the Griffin locks me up. I can control the Griffin's damage pretty well so decide to have a go at him. One failed cycle should be pretty much all I need.

And then my AAR starts flashing. Have I mentioned that the AAR auto-reload needs fixing? Now I am in trouble since I won't be able to rep for a full minute.

I toy with the idea of killing the Kestrel's wreck to teach him a lesson but decide to scoop it instead. The Incursus is pretty quick and I slowly pull out of point with overheated afterburner. As I disengage and warp away with 10% structure remaining I wonder why the Griffin wasn't MWD fit. Wouldn't that be more sensible for a dedicated ECM frigate?

But I'm glad he wasn't!

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