Thursday, March 20, 2014

I’m still looking for something interesting in my Comet when I spot a Thrasher in a Small plex. I warp into him but he runs away as soon as I land. I check his board and see that he is a new character. He was sitting at zero on the plex so he is probably autocannon fit and wants a fight, just not with me.

I warp out to my safe which happens to be only 1 AU distant. As soon as I land, I align back toward to plex and set my d-scan angle to 60 degrees. I scan every second and, sure enough, he appears on d-scan just a few moments later. I hit warp and we land at zero on the gate at the same time. As it turns out, he was wise to not want a fight with me:

A properly skilled auto Thrasher would probably be a different story!

After this I wander around for a while but don’t manage to find another fight. There are a lot of T1 frigates around so I switch to the Blasty Incursus. I swap the 200mm plate for an overdrive to try and catch a very fast kiting Merlin I ran into the other day. Or, more accurately, didn’t run into so was kited to death by a rail fit.

I jump a couple of systems across but the Merlin has become shy due to a small Fweddit gang in the system. Slasher, Condor, Merlin, Cormorant. Hmm. I want to kill one of them.

I loiter in one of the plexes to get a feel for their response time and interest but I align away from the beacon and am about 50 km away when the frigates land. They left the destroyer behind to tend to the Small plex. I warp to their Small plex, guessing they will all follow. They don’t disappoint.

The Slasher and Merlin land at the same time but with the Slasher 10 km off. I head for the Slasher before he has even landed and start taking him down. My afterburner has turned off for some reason (must have mis-clicked) so he pulls some range but it is nothing that some judicious overheating can’t take care of. The Slasher wisely burns to the Merlin and it isn’t long before I am taking damage from both of them. It’s a good thing the Incursus can rep!

I finish the Slasher ( with the Merlin right on top of me. I see that I have used up three of my nanite pastes and suddenly remember to turn the auto-reload off (yes, ahem).

I don’t want to fight the Merlin with a Condor incoming, even though I am pretty sure I could take him on alone (again - I killed him a couple of hours before: I lock the Merlin and align to my safe which happens to take us further away from the gate and away from the Condor which has just landed on grid.

I slap a web on the Merlin and overheat the burner, quickly opening the distance and decreasing the damage. He loses the scram at about 9km and when I enter warp I am locked by both the Merlin and the Condor, who is only 15km away. I wonder why he didn’t point me? Maybe he was scram fit for some reason. Or just stuffed up.

GFs all round and back to hunting that Merlin!

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