Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am going to use this post whenever I come across a whinging farmer who claims that "I only have 2m SP and can't fight yet".


This chart shows my cumulative kills and losses over time. these are only the kills where I landed the final blow (i.e. the ones from the client which I can easily copy/paste). Most of these are solo. Note that there are few periods where I lose constantly without a win to brighten things up.

My first solo lowsec kill was three weeks after character creation:

It was my first day in lowsec. And I podded him for good measure:

Ha ha! So, lessons:

1. I don't want to hear any nonsense about how your character is too young to PvP.

2. You are farming. Admit it, be ashamed and desist forthwith.

3. If you do actually want to PvP it isn't rocket science (unless you fly Caldari). A good step is to ask the person who killed you what you did wrong, especially in a solo context.

4. The bit where you lose a lot of ships is not optional. Even if you buy a strong PvP character you will still go through this phase. Losing cheap ships is the best way to learn fast.

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