Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am looking for trouble in my Comet when I see a Tristan/Kestrel pair in a plex. They are both at zero on the beacon and I go for the Tristan’s throat. And then the dishonour drones swarm me.

ECM. Grrrr.

This is the first time I have died because of ECM. I tend to avoid Griffins et al but the dishonour drones are harder to predict. I completely understand the prevailing attitude about ECM. Yes, it is a completely valid strategy. Yes, it worked extremely well against my Comet. Yes, it is HUGELY frustrating. Just sitting there, pointed and waiting to die with absolutely nothing to do about it. And that is simply not good gameplay.

ECM just makes me not want to fight. Bad gameplay. So there. Rant over. I’ll get my Sensor Compensation skills trained up some time - maybe that will help, at least against ECM drones.

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