Thursday, March 20, 2014

Za'afiel wrote:
"I enjoy this, keep them coming.
I also have one question, was fighting in frigates your aware decision, and by aware I mean, do you have the chance of fighting in bigger ships and you simply decide not to, whatever the reason, or you plan to use bigger ships in the future?

Shoot them all! Be polite. o7"

Restricting myself to frigates is a conscious decision but will certainly not continue indefinitely. Zappity is a young character with 20m SP but about 8m of that is the skill changes that happened in Retribution (eg BC racials at 5).

I am still completing some pretty fundamental core skills and prefer to stay in smaller ships until a few more are done.

Also, I spent the last couple of years in BCs in my other characters and am still really enjoying the speed and agility of the smaller ships. There seems to be much greater tactical flexibility in small ships, and this (unfortunately) will probably only increase further with Rubicon warp speed changes.

Finally, I'm still learning something practically every time I fight. I only have 300-something kills and 150 losses, although admittedly these are mostly solo. Just being able to competently handle the rapid pace and extremely tight timing of a frigate fight is an achievement in itself!

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