Thursday, March 20, 2014

I’ve been away for a while, only updating skill queues, but finally logged back in for some PvP today. I find myself in my blasty Incursus and immediately spot a Slicer in a plex. Well, why not…

I warp in to the plex prepared for a magnificent battle, probably to the death if I’m being honest, but am shocked when the Slicer scarpers! I give chase, admiring the shiny new warp speed, thinking that he may have hit the Warp button by mistake instead of activating his lasers. Surely he couldn’t be afraid of little old me in an Incursus!

But I am kidding myself and the cowardly cuss continues to run. I annoy him (just because I can) until I spot a Rifter at a plex. Maybe HE wants to play. I leave the Slicer to plough his furrow and warp to the Rifter’s plex. The Slicer writes “pirate” in local. Um, yes, well done. That is certainly correct and I’m glad you pointed it out. I’m just not sure why.

The cowardly, stabbed Rifter runs away but at least he spares enough time to write “Fck you” in local. How rude. A Condor soon adds some spice to the system and happy timing sees us all converge at a plex simultaneously. I am feeling a bit rusty and warp out on reflex. The Rifter taunts me with “Come back, Zappity” as a depart.

OK, sure. Why not?

I do an about turn and jump back into the plex. The Slicer has disappeared leaving the Rifter and Condor behind. I don’t really like Condors and suspect that I will be kitescrubbed to death. But I really want to kill that Rifter...

Sure enough, the Condor lands a long point on me as I am diving for the Rifter who happily makes the mistake of hanging around. I scram and web him before melting him good, despite his triple-stabbed shame:

The Condor’s DPS is pretty poor and I manage to survive long enough to slingshot away. But before I do, I pod the Rifter pilot, ONLY because he was so rude earlier, of course!


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