Friday, March 21, 2014

A Heretic on scan! I am still in the rail Comet, generally being trouble looking for a place to happen. Can I take an Interceptor? Yeah, why not.

We land on an acceleration gate at about the same time. Unfortunately, by the time I have locked him his MWD has taken him out of scram range. I send some drones after him while waiting for the CN Lead to load. He starts taking damage while I begin working on a slingshot maneuver. A long shot but what else am I supposed to do?

I am also taking damage, of course, but my reps seem to be dealing with it. And on the third attempt, he strays under 10km, my overheated scram range! I slap it on immediately and tell my ship to keep at range of 5km. I definitely don't want the slippery thing escaping, and I figure that my afterburner should be able to keep transversal low enough for my rails. Sure enough, he starts taking more damage. But he is really well tanked for an Interceptor!

And then I realise that a Heretic is, of course, an Interdictor, not an Interceptor. That would explain it. Ahem. What a noob...

Still, it would have been much more embarrassing if I had died instead of him! It transpired that he burnt his missile launchers out toward the end of the fight. Maybe that is what saved me. Either way, he was a good sport - gf!

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