Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Adventures of Zappity

These are the Adventures of Zappity.

They are not important. They are not particularly skilled. But they are honest and they might be good fun to read. They might also tempt some more people to come to lowsec.

A very brief history: I played for a couple of years, first ninja salvaging and looting in highsec, then wormhole camping with a PvE main plus Orca and scout alts. Then a null carebear (yes, the worst kind). Inevitably, I became bored and took a break. When I came back I decided to start afresh with a PvP character. She was to be Zappity by name, Zappity by nature. Born February 2013. RvB for a couple of months, then solo lowsec and first solo kill at just over 1m SP. Good stuff.

Why am I bothering? Why not. Might be good for a chuckle.

Why C&P? Killmails, of course!

Edit: this blog started as a thread on the EVE Online forums, Crime & Punishment:

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