Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am holidaying in Hevrice! The Tuskers and Stay Frosty are both based here so I soon find that it is just as easy to find fights in Cal/Gal as it is in Ama/Min. My trusty Incursus soon defeats a Republic Fleet Firetail ( and a Breacher ( before losing to another Incursus (but only by 8% hull!

But the most interesting fight of the day happens a few jumps away. As I am leisurely killing another Incursus ( I notice an Atron land with with malicious intent 50 km away. He burned toward me as soon as the other Incursus pops but, as I am already aligning out, he didn’t manage to snag me. I reload, repair and set out again immediately.

The E-UNIsta in the Atron clearly wants to play and follows me to the Novice plex like a little puppy. He lands 40 km away from the gate (just to taunt me, I am sure) but I still see that he is railgun fit. Let’s see… I disappear into the plex and immediately warp away to the adjacent Small, knowing that he was unlikely to enter the plex with my fearsome blasters waiting at the beacon.

I land at range (20 km) and set the d-scan to short. 42 seconds later the d-scan shows him approaching. Sure enough, he lands 2km away from me and by the time he figures out what is going on I have him tackled, webbed and melting.

“hehe, gf”, I write as he goes down. “gf you squirrly sonofabitch!” is the reply. I give him his loot back and go on my merry way. That was satisfying!

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