Thursday, March 20, 2014

More multiple opponent goodness. I hopped through a gate to see a Rifter and Condor on the other side. Judging by the number of drones strewn about I think they have just killed someone. I hold cloak and watch the Condor warp away. There is another pilot from their corp in system and, yes, he lands in a Slicer.

I don't want to fight a Slicer and a Rifter at the same time and yet I am unwilling to give up the possibility of a fight just yet. I crash the gate, getting aggro from the Slicer who has taken advantage of my suspect status.

The Rifter doesn't follow me so I jump back through the gate again and warp to a safe. The Slicer leaves the gate and the Rifter is just warping away as the Condor and I land on the gate. I have no idea what they are doing. I suspect they don't either.

I lock the Condor but don't aggress. He jumps and I immediately follow, holding cloak on the other side. The Condor decloaks 15km away and I burn at him. He actually approaches me although whether due to a misclick or as a result of his keenness to make the tackle I don’t know.

Have I mentioned that I dislike Condors?

Lock, scram, web and he just falls apart under my blasters. I am expecting the rest of the team any second and they don't disappoint. However, I have a speed advantage over both the Slicer and Rifter and they can't hold me for long as my alignment to the sun (yeah, I know) extends my lead.

My selection of such an obvious warp target results in the Rifter following hot on my heels. But I am not in any real danger now. During warp I contemplate having a go at the Rifter but decide that my modules are uncomfortably hot.

I warp to a safe as soon as I land and give a gf in local. Stony silence! "No gf?", I ask after a few moments. "How rude. Hehe." Sorry lads...

Fighting gangs is great. They seem to have a sense of invincibility and a subsequent lack of caution that can be exploited. I think I have found the next stage in my PvP development.

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