Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is an expensive one. I said my turn would come!

I blink into existence in my safe, ready to make the jump across to Eszur to get a dual-rep Incursus for some cruiser hunting. But what do I see over there in the Small plex? A Rifter and a Slasher? Well doesn’t that look attractive?

Unfortunately, by the time I warp to the plex they have both disappeared. The Slasher has moved to another plex but the Rifter is nowhere to be seen. Oh well, a Slasher is better than nothing I guess. And he is obviously looking for a fight because we cross paths mid-warp. Rather than chase him I align to his plex and move a few kilometers out, wary of a short warp in and subsequent kitescrubbery.

He land within a few km of me and I quickly burn him down, both literally and figuratively:

I have already entered the warp to my safe when the Rifter reappears on short-scan, no doubt in a belated rescue attempt. Unfortunately, the Rifter has again disappeared when I emerge from the station after reps (where is he going?) so I jump to the Eszur gate where I happen to land on an innocent Atron.

He is a fine, upstanding citizen without a criminal status and being lowsec, I can’t just start shooting him (despite landing at optimal) for fear of the gate guns. However, one can still try! I red-box him and approach. He bites on my red flashy Incursus (whether deliberately or on instinct I don’t know) and I quickly have him at half armour. At this point, though, he figures out that sitting in my optimal isn’t a good idea and starts to pull away. I respond by loading Null and finishing him off:

NOW I can jump into Eszur! When I do, I see a Rifter named ‘hmm stabbed’ which bodes evil for one of us. Him, as it turned out. He wasn’t stabbed, just unfit. His alt claims it is a last ditch effort against the Amarrian slavers who are seemingly about to take the system for the first time. Probably true, actually, looking at his impressive killboard.

Although in Eszur I decide to have another look for that Rifter one system over before jumping into the dual-rep. There is no Rifter but I do see a couple of Merlins and a Comet. I warp into the Merlins just as one decides to leave the party. The other is piloted by the chap I just killed in the Slasher. He must have decided that a Merlin’s tank would offer a greater chance of survival. I rapidly disabuse him of this notion…

...flick to my pod-catcher overview and snag his pod! ‘1m for the pod!’, I yell triumphantly. ‘10 sec’. I check the d-scan (nothing) so I click on my wallet to check for incoming.

And then I hear a nasty noise. Someone is locking my ship. But who? There is only the pod on overview! Oh, on my pod-catcher overview. Which only shows pods. And, since my d-scan is linked to my overview, that was only showing pods as well.

What a noob.

And there goes my bloody AAR auto-reload. Oh my goodness, a comedy of errors which is only compounded when I stupidly select the plex I happen to be on top of as my warp out celestial. Which doesn’t work, of course. (Remember how I said I was going to update my pod saver tab? Yeah, I hadn’t done that yet.)

And so, I die. But I get the Merlin’s pod on the way out!

Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as expensive as mine:


And what a death! 683m iskies worth of death! Doing my bit to make the Rifterlings killboard even greener. Hehe, gf.

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