Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh boy, this multiple-ships caper is a real rush.

I had spotted a few guys in system from the same corp in a Catalyst, Incursus and Kestrel. Things had just wrapped up with a Punisher in the Novice plex (props to Kravasher Prime for a gf by the way) when I saw the Incursus on d-scan. I was already warping out to the station for reps but it looked promising for another fight. I dropped a bookmark a few million from the plex on the way out and came back to it after repairing.

All three ships were on the plex 5 degree scan. I was not keen on the Catalyst but he soon warped away, unable to enter, leaving the Incursus and Kestrel either in the plex or on the gate. Or perhaps using a sneaky safe nearby. Multiple T1 frigates, and they are young characters into the bargain. Let’s go!


I warped into the plex and saw that the Kestrel was 12km from my position. I figured he was probably rocket fit at that range and my main concern about a kiting LML Kestrel was alleviated. The Incursus was much closer and I guessed blasters.

What would you do?

Well, I burned straight for the Kestrel with overheated afterburner. I figured the Incursus sitting at zero would have trouble applying the dps before I could kill the Kestrel but that the Kestrel would be hitting me the entire time if I went for the Incursus first.

The Kestrel went down reasonably fast and the Incursus only caught up with me when I had broken the Kestrel’s hull (Navigation skills, people). So far so good. The Incursus had started hitting me now but I still had enough paste in my repper to handle him. The blaster Incursus is SOOO much fun.

I didn’t get either pod but some GF’s in local led to me sharing a couple of favourite fits. They were just getting their feet wet in PvP so many props to Leigh Loo and Walker Greaves. I chuckled at his last line: “Thanks for all the tips. And for blowing me up.” Haha!

And the most important thing? I even remembered to use my drone!

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