Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kestrel and Punisher, sitting in a plex. And here’s me in a little Incursus. I hope they are both close to zero so I can jump on the Kestrel whilst keeping out of the Punisher’s high DPS zone until I have more time to finish him.

Well, they granted half of my wish with the Punisher sitting on the beacon. Unfortunately, the Kestrel was very sensibly MWD fit and orbiting at 30 km, ready to pound me with light missiles. He pointed me before I could warp away so I decided to make the best of a bad job and kill the Punisher before I died.

I started orbiting him at 500, thinking that my Ions would probably track better than whatever he had and that I could limit at least some of his damage. It might have worked except for the tracking disruptor on the Kestrel. As soon as I noticed that I just approached the Punisher and hit da F1 butan.

We died at EXACTLY the same time. I actually thought that they had beaten me but I saw his pod appear as my own entered warp. I had my pod-save overview open this time :)

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