Thursday, March 20, 2014

You know those fights where you do everything perfectly and your opponent does the opposite? Well, that didn’t happen. Not to me anyway.

Lowsec loss:


We landed on a gate together. He jumped and I followed. We appeared on opposite sides of the gate, about 40km from each other. Our approaches were casual, just testing the water to see if we were both serious. Then I did ALL the things wrong:

1. CNAM loaded instead of Null. Versus a Slasher. Uh huh...
2. I didn’t overload my prop mod nearly soon enough. By the time I got on top of him and started to hit him I was already neuted.
3. Did I mention neuting? I rarely get neuted out and was actually surprised by my modules turning off. I thought it was a bug! Derp.

What a noob.

Props to Fintarue from Rifterlings. GF. This was my first loss to a Slasher in a while and thoroughly deserved.

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