Thursday, March 20, 2014

“1m for the pod!”, I cried. Yeah, I’m cheap. I am trying to establish a reputation for this thread ( and am offering pod ransoms for low, low prices. Get yours while they last!

After I had killed the E-UNI Rifter that was stuck on the Novice acceleration gate and snared his pod I politely suggested the above deal. No response. What is it with E-UNI people, are they not allowed to talk in local or something? Still no response, so I write “10s” in local and check the short-scan.

Now I am the first to admit that I had been neglecting d-scan during this fight, and whilst I gave it a cursory glance after catching the pod I didn’t really pay enough attention. At this point you will unsurprised to learn that a blob made an appearance on short-scan. This is what I did:


That, people, is called ‘panic’. My thought process: check the wallet for iskies, nothing yet, check short-scan, oh bother there are some ships, I’d better get out of here, fumble with bookmarks for the safe (which wasn’t showing so why didn’t I just warp away to a random celestial?), FINALLY hit warp and align out, oops my afterburner is still on so this is taking ages, better kill that pod on the way out (haha!), caught, killed.

But at least I got my pod away. Unlike the unista and his 40m worth of implants.

And yes, that was why he didn’t respond in local. Too busy asking for help. Or perhaps there's a rule about that, too. Unfortunately a pod isn’t the most sustainable baiting ship! Nevertheless, props to Kwazar Olgidar for getting his revenge. GF and apologies for not posting same in local. I’m a bit new to this ransoming caper.

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