Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm getting bored fighting lone T1 standard frigates. They either die very quickly or else I do (which admittedly can be interesting and is usually educational). But it is a very 'binary' experience.

As a result, I am getting much more inclined to warp in to multiple frigates. Of course this usually ends up with me dying in a fire but never mind, it's only isk.

Today I came across four Slashers and a Rifter who, based on the names, I suspected were controlled by one person. Even better! I dive into the plex and burn towards the group (oh dear, what a noob) where I am promptly multiple-webbed and rapidly overwhelmed.

Clearly I am a slow learner because I immediately return after reshipping. They have changed systems and are now in a Medium plex. The are about 5km from the warp-in beacon when I land and this time I move in the opposite direction with my overheated afterburner.

They target but miss the tackle and none of them follow too far from the group. I tease them for a while to no avail until one of the Slashers warps away. Is he refitting to deal with me? Looks like it since he quickly returns and burns at me with a microwarp drive. Good.

I am now about 50km from the main group and manage to slingshot the Slasher to land a scram. The Rifter is burning in behind the Slasher but I think I have time to deal with him. I start nailing the Slasher and drop his shields, then armor and finally start on the hull. But here comes the Rifter and my modules are getting hot (need to manage heat differently with multiple ships). I align out and warp, unfortunately making an error of timing and leaving the Slasher with a few percent hull left! Damn!

I quickly repair and warp back in. Bugger it, I figured the ship was lost anyway. Rinse and repeat with the Slasher/Rifter pair giving chase and this time tackling and dual web immediately.

But now I am starting to get used to the different tactics required and start nailing the more fragile ship (Slasher I figure) immediately. He starts taking heavy damage and pulls range, trying to limit my dps. Good, one web down and now we're 30km from the group.

I tackle the Rifter, kill him quickly and loot the wreck. Haha! One for one. Pity that I didn't get the Slasher too (I should have) but there will be another time.

GF in local but the response is meh, literally. I'll be looking out for you...

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