Thursday, March 20, 2014

I have decided that I need access to locator agents. Zappity's standings with most of the faction warfare corps is decidedly frosty due to numerous transgressions against their members so I look for some non-FW NPC corps with Level 4 locator agents near Eszur.

There are a few of them but my standings with most are negative due to killing their pilots. Honestly, you’d think I had a vendetta against them or something. But I do find one suitable corp and promptly fit out the railgun Enyo of Shame for missioning.

Apart from the tutorials, I haven’t ever done missions. I can now tell you that they are truly boring. Really boring. ATROCIOUSLY boring. But at least training Social IV and Connections III reduced the servitude to a mere eight hours or so. I blitzed twenty (or so) Level 1 missions followed by the rest at Level 2 without any loot or salvaging nonsense. Ugh. How can people do this for an EVE living?

And not ONCE did I get molested by those ebil lowsec piwates that you constantly read about, even though I did most of them in Amamake. You should be ashamed, locals. Admittedly, the outcome could have been different if I had been doing Level 4s in a faction battleship.

Anyway, Zappity now has 5.1 standing with that NPC corp and four nice agents in the vicinity. Hooray!

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