Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lots of losses! First, I wondered how my new Slasher would go against a Harpy. Um, not very well:

Then I wondered the same about a Firetail and got the same answer:

An Executioner killed me although this was an EXTREMELY close fight. Literally came down to who fired the first volley:

But don’t worry, I DID manage to kill something! A Raptor got a little close to my scram and I snared him. Rails don’t track so well when they are tracking disrupted:

I think I am starting to get a better feel for the Slasher’s capabilities. I have no intention of being more careful with them for a little while yet. I then hopped into an Incursus (can’t remember why) and died to a Comet. Again, this was a close fight because he was rails fit and I was able to keep decent range control.

The cowardly cuss wouldn’t fight me later when I brought a Comet. I guess some people would call that wise target selection since I was specifically fit to kill him quickly!

I manged to kill an Executioner who warped in to find me waiting on a plex gate:

He forgot the Incursus had room for a web (or was perhaps expecting a dual-rep fit). It was a rather brief engagement as a consequence but gf and props to Number X8. These guys always bring good fights. Just as well he didn’t pull range on me in time. It was a nasty fit.

The next Executioner was more fortunate and kitescrubbed my Slasher to death. I warped into an Executioner, Rifter and Merlin in a plex, thinking that I could probably outrun the combat frigates and slingshot the Executioner out of their range. I managed to get him to 14 km but no closer. Sigh. You win some, you lose some...

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