Thursday, March 20, 2014

Now this is the true lowsec spirit!

Lowsec kill:


I noticed a Slasher on d-scan but no plexes in system. Probably in a safe and waiting for something to spawn. I wandered around but pretty quiet so I dropped into the system again after a few minutes. A Slasher in the novice plex!

I warp in and overheat the afterburner to traverse the 30km as fast as possible. She has noticed me - picked up speed and approaching but then... What? Warped away? There is a Catalyst on short scan so I wonder if she was spooked.

There may have been a taunt about ‘plenty of room in here and only a couple of minutes left for the lp’ but I can neither confirm nor deny. But the Slasher returns while commenting about ‘not wanting to be blobbed’ in local. She must have been confused about destroyers and Novice plexes. Regardless, here she comes, landing on grid and trying to burn away. I manage to land the scram and web at 8km and reel her in. It doesn’t take long after that.

Props to Clara Impossible. GF, good chat. Maybe you'll win next time - keep exploring new fits.

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