Thursday, March 20, 2014

I lost a Blasty Comet today. I made a bad decision (I think) but perhaps there wasn’t much I could have done - I’ll let you be the judge.

Comet loss:


I jumped into the system and spotted a Comet plus two Executioners in a plex. Hmm, that could be difficult since all three are in the same militia. And yet I find myself in warp to the plex and, sure enough, am soon landing on grid with Null loaded.

The Comet is 10km away, one Executioner is right next to me and the other is somewhere in between. I quickly break the closest ship down despite leaving the heat on my afterburner before switching drones and damage (such as it was at that range) to the Comet. I double-clicked away from the remaining two ships in an attempt to split them. I think that was my mistake.

The Comet was pounding me pretty hard from 8km and this should have told me that he was fit with rails. Rail ships are usually pretty quick since they tend to scram kite. I was not able to burn out of range before he killed me. It was a very fast fight!

I had started on his armour at the end of the fight. If I had burned into him immediately after killing the Executioner perhaps I would have beaten him down in time. Another interesting thing was that the Executioner I killed was fit with a remote armor repper. Sneaky Amarr. I assume the other was fit the same way - would have been interesting to see what happened.

So many questions, so few answers. I’ll try again if I see them next time.

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