Thursday, March 20, 2014

Of course, I couldn’t just put the Kitescrub Catcher away after that victory (#86) so I decide to fly it until I lose it. I dock up, repair the extensive heat and take off again. And you’ll never guess what I find! Another Condor! Anyone would think that FW regions were infested with them.

I warp to the plex and he is sitting 40 km off the gate. Rinse and repeat as before with this one even easier to catch. He also dies a little faster since I have Null loaded this time instead of CNAM. I find it best to disable the MWD after the first cycle and do the final approach without any prop mod to avoid an overshoot. The Null allows you to apply damage the whole way in and still does pretty good DPS up close if you have good tracking skills.

I am watching dscan, however, and I see a Stabber warping in. Uh oh, I don’t have the tank to withstand a Stabber. Bugger it, I’m going to finish the kitescrubber off anyway, just to teach him a lesson. Which I do. Ha!

The Stabber long points me just as the Condor pod warps away. He is still quite distant, though, and I align to a celestial away from the Stabber (yes, I’m afraid it was the sun - that solid circle is so alluring). Another overheated MWD cycle sees me clear of the point and warping to freedom!

Next up is an Atron farmer who decides to stay and fight until he hits structure. He then warps away with the aid of stabs. The irony is that, had he fit for DPS, he would likely have killed me. I told him as much before taking off to find the next encounter. They do some nasty damage those Atrons (this one ALMOST killed me a little earlier - my poor ship was on fire thanks to Crake Gaterau again).

The next encounter doesn’t take long to find and comes in the form of, wait for it, another Condor. This time I forget to disengage my MWD after the first cycle and overshoot despite landing the initial scram. Unfortunately, a couple of other frigates have appeared on dscan so I scarper.

"Why run, bitch!", came the unimaginative and inaccurate taunt. "It's a tarp!", I reply. Actually, to be fair the taunt was about as imaginative as the trap, with the other frigates sitting in a safe close to the plex. I thought I would have time to kill the Condor before the others appeared. And I probably would have if I hadn't forgotten the MWD. Sigh.

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