Thursday, March 20, 2014

This one was fun but probably not good reading. Sorry about that.

Lowsec kill:

I jump into the system, hit d-scan and spot a Kestrel in a plex. Not much else is going on here so I warp to the plex, activate the gate and land...just in time to see him warp to another site. Well, at least he wasn’t cloaked so let’s see if I can play some games with him. I give chase but he is just bouncing straight back to the first plex. So, of course, I follow and manage to scram him before he warps out.

He loses my scram on a slingshot (or should that be a reverse slingshot?) and warps away. Good move. And local informs me that he doesn’t really want a round 2. Oh well, it was my own fault for not watching his ship closely enough. I try a couple of neighbouring systems but nothing doing so I start to head home.

Jump, d-scan, Kestrel in a plex and not much else going on in the system. I warp to the plex, activate the gate and land…just in time to scram him! This time I watch closely and am ready for the slingshot. I overheat my afterburner and manage to keep him at optimal until he melts.

GF? The silence in local says otherwise but catching him after all that was very satisfying!

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