Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lowsec is dead today. Well, it is dead except for cloaky stabbed farmers who don’t count. So I hop into my explorer character who has decent scanning skills as well as being a general spreader of suspicion and distrust due to her name. ‘Innocent Scout’ soon finds a wormhole and informs me that this is a C3 with lowsec static with a predominantly EU timezone corp in residence.

I conduct a brief cloaked reconnaissance: safe spot made (check), no ships on scan anywhere in system (check), one tower plus one forcefield (check), five signatures including the wormhole and numerous anomalies. Oh, I remember these from my pre-PVP days! And I’m sure I still have a Tengu pilot somewhere. And a Noctis pilot!

I scan the signatures down and find that they are all Mag or Radar sites, meaning that the only wormhole in the system is (currently) the lowsec static. So I send the Tengu and Noctis into the hole and safe them up. My cloaked scout is innocently watching the lowsec hole (well, listening to it actually) while the Tengu runs a couple of anomalies. D-scan, missiles, d-scan, missiles, d-scan, check for new sigs (oh, they just appear on the whatsit now), d-scan… You get the picture.

It’s pretty boring compared to solo PvP. But when lowsec is dead there is a certain satisfaction to getting it ‘right’ in terms of security, fits, salvage etc. And I love the extra J-space bite that no local provides.

I wonder what the sites in C4s are like.

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