Friday, November 14, 2014

Killing Comets

My dual-prop Firetail died to a rail Comet.


On my way back to Ishomilken I remembered that I had originally started flying Firetails because one of them had killed my own rail Comet. So there must be a way to do it. And then I remembered that I had already theorycrafted all this.

So I reshipped into a dual-web Firetail. I think, on balance, that I prefer this version. I have no doubt that the dual-prop version is the 'better' fit but I tend to be too impatient, wanting to fight everything and not being cautious enough about target selection. The dual-web gives more control over disengagement, as well as being useful for slowing down multiple ships or drones.

Anyway, that's the idea. Let's try it out.

I flew straight back to Asakai and found my killer sitting smugly in the plex, gloating over my wreck. I know he was gloating. I heard him. So I warped in with overheated everything and hit approach as soon as possible. The afterburner and dual webs did their jobs and allowed me to get under his 150mm rails, despite taking huge chunks of damage on the way in.

And then the damage just stopped! I was expecting to have to deal with the drone dps that is not insubstantial on a Comet. Huh, EC-300s. How disappointing. The unfortunate Comet pilot then said that he disliked people who reshipped into hard counters. I gave an internet shrug and abused him about his drones.


I then went and found another two Comets who were dispatched in similar manner:

Comet #2:

Comet #3:

Good stuff. Reasonably conclusive, I think. If a rail Comet is foolish enough to be caught by one of these, they die. I think that is great because the rail Comet is pretty close to OP. Of course, the Firetail doesn't work so well against ships that it had no business fighting. Like the Harpy ( or the Algos ( What can I say? I was bored!

What else have I been doing lately? Oh, the market! My market activities typically focus on arbitrage and speculation rather than market stocking. But when I looked at the Ishomilken market and decided it was rubbish, I further decided to do something about it. I don't need more iskies but I know how hard it can be for younger characters to get stuff into lowsec. And since my wallet was swollen from a recent speculation, I bought up some of Jita and (carefully) freightered it in.

I wrote up a little script to keep track of the 300 odd item types on my lowsec shortlist. It let's me know when the sell orders are nearly empty or sold out which is a noticeable deficiency of the in-game market screen. The Ish market now has another ~15b worth of stock listed at roughly 15% above Jita.

Since this is more in the nature of a public service rather than for profit (seriously, there are much more lucrative opportunities just now) I started the orders at about +5% of Jita but I found that the orders were clearing out too fast as people took advantage of Ishomilken's relatively close proximity to Jita as the hub prices fluctuated. It was similar at +10% with large buy orders routinely clearing out certain items. 15% seems about right, resulting in lots of smaller orders which are probably the product of PvP rather than traders. I might drop it back to 12% and see what happens. If someone wants to outcompete me, please feel free!