Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is the “You shouldn’t lose your pod in lowsec” lecture so I don’t have to keep typing it when I pod noobs. Admittedly a little longer than the local version! This applies equally to highsec.

Lowsec does not have warp disruption bubbles. This means that you can always warp your pod away if it hasn’t been tackled. A ship’s scan resolution can be increased to the point where it can instantly lock even a pod and you will often find these in gate camps. The average PvP ship you will be fighting, however, will take at least a second to lock your pod. This means you can escape.

This is the important bit. When you know you are going to die, align your ship to a celestial or other warpable object. Then, spam the Warp To key until you have actually entered warp. As soon as your pod is ejected from your exploded ship you will enter warp. Hotkeys are your friend: Align is ‘A’ and Warp To is ‘W’ by default.

Edit: Rubicon frigates will warp significantly faster than pods. This means it is a good idea to choose a celestial that is difficult to identify (i.e. a moon) just by watching your capsule's path. Otherwise there may be a nasty surprise waiting for you at the end of your warp. I suggest making a ‘pod saver’ tab which contains a list of the celestial types that you choose plus all ships, just in case. Just click to it when you are dying. Thanks to Urkhan Law for the tip.

So click on a celestial, press A, then spam W until you enter warp.

And don’t loiter on the celestial since you may be followed. Bounce from it straight to a system safe. Don’t warp to a station or gate if you can avoid it since it is more likely a player will be there. And if you are anything like Zappity, you will be flashy-red killable!

The only thing that should kill you in this scenario is lag. I can’t do much about that.

Oh, another thing. Don’t just log off at a safe spot if you have a timer that will keep you stuck in space. (sorry Enol Ankou, you were study material).

Otherwise, some meany might find you with combat scanner probes and pod you, just to find out what's inside. Ditto for stations.

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