Thursday, March 20, 2014

I warm up my Blasty Incursus with a Breacher fight. He is a good pilot and it is pretty close, requiring good manual range control and overheating at the right times, just like he is doing. Still, I manage not to stuff up too badly and come out of it with a smoking hull but no burnt out modules.

I travel back to Eszur where I see a small T.R.I.A.D gang has invaded my nice home system. How rude. Hookbill, Kestrel, Scythe, Slasher, Slasher and three plexes. Hmm. I want to kill at least one of them.

Actually, I'd like to kill them all (not that I have anything against T.R.I.A.D in particular, it's just lowsec). I think I need to find a good small gang corp for these sort of occasions.

Anyway, they are in the same plex but immediately start spreading out until there are only two Slashers left. Sounds good to me! And by the time I arrive it is only one Slasher.

I load Null on the way in and tackle the remaining Slasher who is waiting only a few km off the beacon.

(Start the timer)

Overheated afterburner
Drone (yes, I remembered him!)
This guy is slow; I should have loaded CNAM
Dscan (Condor - did I miss him or is he a neut?)
Um, where did the Slasher go? Oh, he is a wreck!

(+19 seconds)

Try to lock the pod
Drone recovered
gf in local
Belatedly disengage afterburner and heat (well I have to make at least one mistake, don't I?)
Dscan, Condor

(+38 seconds)

Stealth gank!

But he was a noob so it doesn't really count. Still, they didn't respond in time and foolishly left a noob alone with Zappity on the prowl!

A pity I didn't get his pod. I could have used the lecture.

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