Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is a lengthy post but I wanted to represent a fairly typical solo lowsec experience.

I undock from my Eszur home station in a blasty Incursus, warp to a safe in the middle of the system and check d-scan. A Stiletto and Venture show up but are not in any of the plexes or asteroid fields. Not much going on here so I check dotlan and set a waypoint to a hot system half a dozen jumps away. I warp to the gate but on the way a new pilot enters system, d-scan suggesting he is in a Breacher. The Stiletto is still on scan but the Venture has disappeared. Cancel that jump.

The Breacher is on the gate that I land at. I don’t know why he has lost his cloak but he doesn’t run away. In my experience frigates are unwise to aggress on a gate due to the insane tracking of the gate guns and since he is not criminal I don’t want to engage. I, on the other hand, do have criminal status. Still, the Breacher seems unwilling to pick a fight although he is clearly interested and is slowly approaching.

By this time I have looked him up - a 2010 player who almost certainly has better skills than me. But so does everyone so what the hell! I decide to tempt him a bit by doing a slow manual align then warp to the closest Novice plex. I adjust d-scan to 150,000,000 km and see that he has taken the bait (if you can call it that). But he has landed short of the gate and is about 20 km away. If he is fit with a long point and MWD I could be in trouble but I decide to go for him anyway.


My overheated afterburner makes short work of the distance and I close on quickly, switching on the overheated scram, web and guns as soon as possible. I have good range control so I turn the heat off on everything except the guns as I start chipping away at his shield. His drones and rockets are hitting me hard but nothing my reps can’t take care of. And so he dies but gets his pod away.

GFs in local (props to PlayerName by the way, and no that’s not a typo) before I head back to the station for repairs. Then I head towards my waypoint, checking each system as I go.

A few jumps out I find a Kestrel, Rifter and Slicer in the system. The Slicer and Kestrel and in the same plex so I leave them to it and warp to the Rifter. But the Kestrel has had the same idea and jumps into the plex just ahead of me. If they are in the same corp it will be difficult…

But the Rifter is a spineless farmer and warps away. Or, to be fair, maybe he just doesn't want to fight two frigates at once. I suppose that could be true. Regardless, that leaves me with the Kestrel. I lock him up, chase him down and start applying the deeps. And then after a while I remember I have a drone and set him free.

Whew, what a tank! I will win eventually (I think) but he has some serious shield hp. Nevertheless I keep at it and then check short d-scan.

Oh. Slicer.

In that moment I realise that I have failed to put the fairly simple puzzle together. Slicer and Kestrel in the same plex plus full shield Kestrel equals bait Kestrel.

I align away from the Kestrel to lose the point but by the time I am far enough away the Slicer has landed with a long point and MWD. And I'm screwed.

Oh well. "gf all", I say in local as I warp my pod away and get the same in return. Win some, lose some but it is all good fun.

Admittedly, lowsec is occasionally dead, by which I mean I can only find farmers. But that is the exception in faction warfare regions, especially if you are guided by dotlan or the map. Two good fights in 15 minutes after undocking. Seems reasonable to me!

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