Thursday, March 20, 2014

I fit another Comet (with the right scram this time) and head out to look for either a Firetail or a Thrasher. And there’s a Thrasher in the plex in front of me when I undock. How nice.

I warp in and he is sitting at zero. I don’t want this fight so I warp out before he can tackle me. But I watch the plex and see a Punisher and Atron land. The Thrasher scarpers but I wouldn’t mind having a go. I warp in and they are sitting on the gate outside the plex. This smells fishy.

As I am quickly killing the Atron ( I notice a Slasher appear on short scan. I am hardly surprised. Sitting outside the plex often indicates that they want to be easily accessible to support. It is a good idea if rather transparent. But wow, that Punisher is doing some serious damage! Well, that’s what happens at low angular in optimal. As the Atron dies I move into an orbit on the Punisher and get through his shields fast. The armour is a different matter, however, and the neut makes me switch to the Slasher that has just landed and pull range on the Punisher.

The Slasher doesn’t keep up so I switch to Null but am still getting hit pretty hard on the way out under webs. A few volleys later and the Slasher is in low structure - just one more I think. And then I die.

And THEN I realise I forgot to deploy my drones. In a bloody Comet. What a noob. I would easily have killed the Slasher if they were out, possibly the Punisher from a distance too.

Still, not being one to take ‘die’ for an answer I quickly reship into a Blasty Incursus and head straight back to the plex. The Punisher is there, basking in victory, so I start laying into him in a close orbit but with only web applied. This time I see that he actually has a vamp, not a neut (I always confuse them at a glance).

This is something I have learnt about cap management. You don’t need all the modules on, all of the time! If someone clearly wants the fight I will often turn my scram off after the initial tackle and only reapply it when it becomes clear that they might want to escape pretty soon. Having said that, um:

I don’t know why he didn’t scarper under MWD. Probably thought he had it in the bag until it was too late and I had reapplied the scram. Or maybe he didn’t notice it wasn’t on any more.

Anyway, he goes down slowly but my cap is manageable with only the web, guns and AAR active even with the vampire applied. He dies and I catch his pod! I quickly check his board and see that he is a 2007 player.

“gf. 10m for the pod!”, I type quickly whilst watching d-scan. Nothing. “10 seconds”, I add. Oh well.

My most expensive pod yet (but still only 60m). In convo I asked him why he didn’t just pay the 10m. “Because you would kill me after”. Fair enough. But I really wouldn’t have.

A pity the Slasher didn’t warp back in. I was expecting him.

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