Thursday, March 20, 2014

Incursus kill:
Kestrel kill:

There I am, cruising about in a Blasty Comet when I notice a nice, red Incursus on a gate. He jumps through and I follow. He decloaked immediately and re-approached the gate (but didn’t jump) which I took to be an indication that he wanted to fight. I held cloak while looking at his weapons: blasters. I assumed that he had some friends in the system and, sure enough, a quick look at the other people in the system shows a corp mate.

Now I have flown one or two Incursus fits. They are fast and can deal an awful lot of damage. Alternatively, they have a remarkable active tank if dual-rep fit. This is not an ideal ship for me to take on given that there will likely be someone on the way to help him out pretty soon. And I have no idea what he will be in.

But what the hell, let’s have a go. I decloak and we burn toward each other while locking. We aggress at about the same time and I even remember to set my drones on him. Dual-rep fit. Oh boy, he is tanking the damage well but the Blasty Comet does good damage and it is one of those situations where he needs only a slight timing error in his reps to allow my dps to chip away at the hull before he reps up again.

Sure enough, a Kestrel lands and immediately attacks. A little too late for the Incursus, though. I guess that he waited until he had me locked up before calling for assistance. The Incursus breaks and I immediately align to a safe. My armour is about 50% and I don’t have any nanite paste left in my AAR (thankfully I remembered to turn the damn auto-reload off) and I know that the Kestrel shield can be quite thick.

This Kestrel, however, doesn’t want to let me go and I notice from his speed that she must be MWD fit. Uh huh, I guess I’ll stick around then. And, what are those? Sensor damp, times two.

I manage to lock her but don’t aggress as I turn around and burn for the gate, hoping to tank her light missiles until I can jump. Fortunately, though, she comes a little too close so I land a scram on her, shutting the MWD down. Her shields are thin and there is not much left to say apart from ‘gf both!’ in local. GF indeed.

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