Thursday, March 20, 2014

An Incursus! Let’s fight! What else?

Lowsec kill:


This character has a strong killboard history. Just too bad she was trying out a double rep Incursus when I had my gank Ion fit on (I can’t do a proper Neutron gank fit yet). Gank over tank every time!

This was a very straightforward fight: land on the beacon, scram and web, blasty time. Uh huh, double reps I think. Just a matter of time. I really like watching the damage being applied to an active tank fit. The reps peak just a bit lower every time until the hull starts going down. And then, all of a sudden, pop!

Edit: this fight was before the local repair buff in Odyssey 1.1. Double rep fits are considerably stronger now (OP?)

But gf anyway and a nice chat afterwards. When I saw her in station I traded her loot back. Convo (accepted of course) and I learn that she has principles! My loot, fairly earned.

I give loot back quite often. I really don’t need the isk and I appreciate a good fight. I figure it is good to encourage people to keep coming back. This time we shared fits instead (much more valuable) and I flew away with a nice Tristan fit ready for when I get my drone skills up.

Props to Thorin Matarielle. GF.

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