Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nothing too special tonight - just a bit of fun. I took a rail Comet out for a spin (alas, no lights but I'm working on it). I was looking for, well, anything really!

First on the menu was a Hookbill. I think this was actually my first Hookbill kill ever. I live in constant terror of their five mid slots but today I was in a carefree mood. Very straightforward - I just had better DPS and defence that this younger player:


After giving him his loot back (yes, I am a nice person) I played tag for a while with a Breacher, then another Hookbill and a Merlin. None of then wanted a fight, though. Well, not with me anyway.

But then I found a Slasher in a plex. He was orbiting the beacon at 30km and instantly locked me when I landed. I was puzzled - no aggression, so why the lock? He wasn't acting like a farmer. I sent a few Warriors to investigate and, before I knew it, they had chewed half his shield away! Who'd have thought it? THEN he aggressed and rapidly killed one of my drones before I could recall them.

I accused him of murdering one of my drones. He then apologised for not fighting, claiming that he was there to "mess with the squids". I think that might be a faction warfare reference but I wouldn't know about that sort of thing. And then he sent me 450k iskies as recompense! Hehe, I suspect I will meet this one again... Good fun.

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