Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Black Frog order of Enyos and other tasty ships hasn’t arrived yet so I hop into a blasty Comet to test the waters. Barely a jump out of Eszur finds a worthy adversary in an Algos, loitering on a gate. He follows me through and approaches the gate, clearly wanting a fight.

He is heading in my direction so I wait under cloak until he gets closer before decloaking. I have to wait for him to aggress because of the nasty gate guns but once he does my blasters start to make short work of his tank.

Unfortunately, I forget to unleash my drones. Honestly, what a noob. And, unlike with the Enyo, they are a significant part of my DPS. I remember them when the low armour alert sounds and the fight ends with him in low structure. How annoying - I would have won that if I hadn’t stuffed up. But I guess that goes for most fights…


I replace the Comet with a rail version and go hunting again. This time I come across a Firetail who wants to play although I am a little wary since there are so many others in the system. Sure enough, a Slicer lands shortly after we start to fight. I initially think he is from the same corp but he scoots out of point range immediately and just watches. For a while.

As I finish off the Firetail ( the Slicer approaches and locks me up before I can flee. Along with the Slasher and Arbitrator who have decided to join the party. I doubt I am getting away from here so I scram and web the weakest ship (the Slasher) who by happy coincidence is also the closest.

He explodes when I am at half structure ( and I am able to warp my pod away soon after. A reasonable exchange, I think.


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