Thursday, March 20, 2014

Taranis kill:

I’m wandering around in my Blasty Incursus when I see a Tristan. I’m usually wary of Tristans but the killboard of this one is three unfit Tristans + a pod kill for each. Typical AFK farmer profile. I know it’s a waste of time but let’s see if I can get him anyway. Yes, there he is in the Medium plex. He warps off just as I land and although I don’t see the destination d-scan quickly finds him heading toward the Small. The hunt is on so after him!

I am mid-warp when a 30 degree scan picks up a Taranis, clearly heading to the same plex. When I land he is already laying into the Tristan, having caught him on the acceleration gate. I, in turn, scram and web the Taranis and start working on his tank. He doesn’t switch to me, despite the Tristan not having any guns or drones. Big mistake. The Taranis kills the Tristan and finally switches his dps. But far too late - he only has a few seconds left and his nice ship explodes in a most satisfactory manner.

I gave a gf in local but the delicate Goon petal was clearly too upset with his shameful loss to respond.

By the time he pops I have the farmer’s pod locked and immediately switch the scram to it when the Taranis is finished. Blasters send him home a moment later. I wonder why he didn’t warp out? He had a few seconds at least. He probably just wanted the pod express. It was clearly a throwaway alt with under a million SP. Timer rollbacks please, CCP!

I tried a similar trick on a Dramiel today when d-scan showed him warping into a plex after the same Breacher that I was chasing. I waited on the gate, approached and tackled him as soon as he landed and started pouring on the deeps. Unfortunately he was able to pull range on my Incursus fast enough to stop me chewing through the last quarter of his hull. Very close. The Comet would have killed him easily with more damage and speed but you can’t easily predict that sort of engagement. Oh well, next time!

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