Thursday, March 20, 2014

Setting fire to a Firetail

Lowsec kill:


Well, to be fair someone had already arranged the kindling as you can see in the video. Still, a good fight in which I finally managed to get my range control right. As I should - a pretty straightforward scenario tbh.

I was in my Incursus, playing on an acceleration gate with a Rifter who wasn’t really serious. His fleetmate arrived on grid in a Firetail and jumped straight through into the plex. Since the Rifter was a little way off by now I followed the Firetail through and landed just a couple of km away. I applied the traditional scram, web and guns routine.

When I locked him I saw that he was already damaged. His shield melted away in a couple of volleys and he started burning away to decrease the dps. I was ready! I overheated and kept pace with him and managed to keep reasonably close to optimal. His damage was good, though, and it was the Incursus' hull resists that saved me. He popped in a most satisfying manner.

He had burned away from the gate in an attempt to shake me off. When the fight finished we were about 20km away from his friend in the Rifter and I was able to warp away. A pity it wasn’t a solo kill because of his prior damage but then he probably would have killed me if he’d been fully repped - it was close. Props to Rubik Utama. gf in local is gf.

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