Thursday, March 20, 2014

...and I won when I went back a couple of minutes later in an Incursus! The same gang was at a safe near the sun but I spotted a Slicer, Kestrel and Rifter from another corp at a plex. I warped to their plex but didn’t enter. While sitting there I opened up a new plex to tempt them to split up. Bingo - the Rifter warped to it. This just HAS to be bait for one of the others to warp in straight after me for a 2v1.

Whatever. Let’s go.

Sure enough, the Rifter is sitting at zero on the beacon and tackles me. I don’t mind because that’s exactly where I want him. I orbit at 500 and kill him before he scratches my armour. (I wish they’d buff the Rifter just a bit.) The Kestrel lands just as I pop the Rifter and I dive for him, landing a tackle and getting into another close orbit. I have to rep my armour this time (how rude) but nothing serious.

GFs all round as I warp to my safe. Hehe, good stuff.

The Merlin from the gang that killed me earlier is still sitting at that safe near the sun. I bring my scanning alt into the system and warp to the Merlin. As soon as I land he warps away to be replaced by the cursed Executioner in the same moment! It’s a trap!

The Executioner points me immediately and I know I won’t be able to slingshot him in the Incursus. The Merlin immediately warps back in (why did he warp out?) so I jump on him, hoping to get at least one kill. At about half shields the Rifter also lands and I die to their combined firepower.

“gf, nice trap”, I write in local. Apparently it was NOT a trap - just very unhappy (from my perspective) timing. Come to think of it, the Executioner must have entered warp when I did to land at the same time. My safe was pretty close. “dammit!”, I reply, “oh well, gf anyway”. I nearly got through the Merlin’s shields. Maybe next time!

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