Thursday, March 20, 2014

Federation Navy Comet. Zaps is moving up in the world. Well, a little bit anyway.

Lowsec loss:


This was my first spin in a Comet. And I like it. One thing I have learned is that the best way to get experience is to fight things (see my sig) so when I saw a red Thorax on a gate, why the hell not! It’s only ISK after all. Unless you run an evil RMT empire of course.

Well, because a light neutron-fit Thorax is not really a good choice for a frigate. He chomped on me pretty hard from the start despite his guns being unbonused. Still, he was in structure by the time I popped and I made some silly mistakes during the fight so I call that a win, Zappity style.

“Silly mistakes?”, I hear you ask? Well, yes. I should have orbited him with my afterburner on to decrease his tracking and drone damage instead of sitting there like a fool taking full damage. I should have also popped the Exile booster I had in my cargo hold. Perhaps that would have been enough - it was relatively close.

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