Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Blasty Incursus roam, by Zappity. We start the evening with a soothing farmer kill, just to warm up:

She was a bit grumpy about that but what do you expect when you are oblivious to d-scan? Next up was a much more interesting Slasher. I’m training my projectiles up at the moment to have a go in the Slasher. They rarely kill me in the Incursus but they can do it and they are often close fights.

This one was no different, with the other pilot’s comment in local being “gf. also, how?” I killed him the cycle before he capped me out. DPS ftw.

I was then chased out of a plex by a Firetail. She was most insistent on a fight, however, and followed me to a second plex and then to a gate. I obliged (why not?) and she died. But she was friendly about it so props to her.

And, finally, a Rifter to cool down after the evening’s exertions. She had watched me kill the Firetail and we chatted a bit after the fight. Her comment made me smile: “i knew i would lose but it was worth a try”. “always :)”, I responded. “want your loot?”

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