Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lowsec kill:


I warped into the plex and saw the Rifter sitting at 60 off the beacon. I bet he is spying on my shapely rails. And that’s fine because I recognise Crake from this thread and I like the things he said. So of course I really want to fight him.

He warps away. I bet he is going to change his fit to deal with my rails. So I warp to the station to quickly slip into some blasters. On the way, I start to think. Maybe he KNOWS that I am going to refit and will be waiting for me with a kiting fit. So maybe I shouldn’t change after all. But maybe he knows I’m thinking about being clever and will be ready for my rails.

Now I’m confused. So I refit into blasters anyway. Stupid brain.

I warp back to the site and there he is! But by the time I land there’s a blob on the short scan (ugh, how boring) so we both warp to safes. And back to the plex now that they have gone.

Web, approach, melt, melt, better scram now. But I am melting too… That’s just not right against a Rifter these days. Repair! Faster, dammit! Why the hell aren’t I hitting him harder? Oh, maybe I'm too close and not tracking? Probably due to my poor skills.

It’s nice to have worked that out but it is too late to do anything about it now since I’m already well into structure. So I align to a random celestial in preparation to save my pod. And… pop. But not me! Ironically, aligning away allowed my guns to track better as he chased. And so he popped.

Good fight and a nice chat afterwards. Props to Crake Gaterau. And CCP, please give the Rifter a small buff.

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