Monday, March 24, 2014

Things are a bit quiet tonight. I set a long course through lowsec but arrive at my destination having only chased some farmers around. Sigh. I set course back to Hevrice and set off. A few jumps later I spot something a bit odd. Surely that can’t be a freighter in lowsec! Autopiloting!!! But sure enough, there is a Fenrir 8 km from the gate and closing distance at the majestic pace of 91 m/s.

Right. I know what to do about this! I align to the nearest celestial, target the Fenrir (no evidence of life), hit the guns and immediately hit warp. I am trying the old “align, aggress, warp, return, fight without gate guns” method. But the dastardly Fenrir is doing something rude and I suddenly can’t warp! The gate guns make mince meat of my poor Comet. And then I realise what I did wrong.

I was in highsec.

Bloody route setter. And who set my safety to red? I entirely blame that last farmer I had to pod.


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