Thursday, March 20, 2014

A lot of highsec bears get confused about ‘griefing’. They think that only nasty people pod. This post is to explain that being podded does not equate to being griefed. And, in fact, you should thank me for it :)

A noob PvPer! And I mean the real sort that actually fits their ships with modules! I caught him by waiting on a plex acceleration gate. He died and I caught his pod. A good effort but it takes more than a noob Merlin to put one over on Zappity's mighty Blasty Incursus. (Well, unless the Merlin is fit with rails in which case it would be pretty easy to be honest.)

"1m for the pod!" Yeah, ransoms are still going cheap. "Uh, can we negotiate?", comes the reply.
OK. Either he is stalling and I am about to be blobbed or he is a real noob. "0.5m, 10 seconds. Are you a noob"? He responds, "Yeah. I don't have implants but I'd like to fly home anyway."

But just then a neutral Hawk lands on grid so I pop the pod and warp off to reload my accursed AAR (that thing will be the death of me). I am still in convo with the noob so I ask him if the Hawk was his. Apparently not. He is friendly enough despite his loss and starts asking questions about how I managed to demolish his Merlin so quickly.

I send him a couple of fits, give him a lecture on how to get his pod away and, after the convo, send him 20m iskies to encourage him to come back to lowsec. I like lots of targets. He sent me a thank you mail afterward saying that it was ‘mad big help’. I think that was appreciation but I am disadvantaged by having English as a first language.

See? Don't be afraid of getting podded by Zappity. It can be rather enjoyable.

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