Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Pacific is still far too large

I killed an Astero to death in Provi. He lingered in his relic site too long and I caught him good:


Unfortunately, I then proceeded to linger too long myself in a ratting pocket. I was then foolish enough to bite on an obvious Dominix cyno bait. I managed to get him to about a quarter hull before he lit his cyno and the defence fleet landed on me. I honestly think he was just toying with me:


For my next trick I tried to kill a Tengu in a Maze. I had figured out the gates from someone’s helpful video (sorry, I forget which one):

Press F11 and have d-scan facing north
Room 1 – the gate faces 4 o’clock
Room 2 – 8 o’clock
Room 3 – 12 o’clock
Room 4 – 9 o’clock

The ratting Tengu was in the second room. The cheeky bugger aggressed me as soon as I landed! That's just not right. He is meant to run in terror. I charged towards him but swiftly realised that the rats had switched aggro to me and were quickly depleting my armour tank. I managed to warp away just before I hit hull.

I’m not sure how to kill these Maze ratters. They are terribly conceited, just sitting there watching you on d-scan and mocking you in local. I need to ponder the situation. I am determined to kill them.

On the journey back to Thera I checked the new and decided upon the Fountain/Cloud Ring border as my next destination. Fozziesov had just landed this was the most active region. I expected to find myself crowded out by the crashing waves of opposing armies, fiercely contesting Fountain.

What I actually found was a lone interceptor, and that was only after half an hour wandering through the desolate wastes. I thought he was trying to salvage a beacon but have since been induced to believe that he was using his entosis link. I decloaked at 50 km and killed him with Warriors because he couldn't warp away.

It was thrilling.


I jumped back to lowsec to my learning clone before another trip away (I am of the sincere opinion that the Pacific is far too large) but wished I hadn't after I returned. My lowsec roam was disastrous. This was SOLELY due to the fact that I was again jet lagged.

I lost five Firetails in exchange for an Atron, Venture and a Stealth Bomber. What a noob - he aggressed on a station when I was not suspect and was rapidly torn apart by the station guns!

These losses were a mixture of poor warp-in choices, hanging around too long, taking on too many people at once and generally just being bad and out of practice. The only excusable loss was when I forgot that lowsec had gate guns and went to town on a cruiser. He appeared mildly amused by the rapidity with which I was dispatched.

Quire understandable and totally different to station guns.

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