Friday, July 24, 2015

A Svipul duel

Fountain! You hear a lot about Fountain these days. The extent of my knowledge is that a) Brave lives here (although why they ever decided to become entangled with sov warfare is well beyond me), and b) that much of the population of nullsec has descended upon them to teach them a lesson. I am happily oblivious as to what said message entails.

[Edit: Yes, I know this is out of date but I had already written it and couldn’t be bothered to revise it.]

What I was not oblivious to was that another Svipul was following me from system to system like a lost puppy. I had set a meandering course toward a promisingly dense ratting constellation and was slowly working my way over, keeping an eye out for lazy pilots on the way.

The Svipul pilot had picked me up quite close to the Thera entry system. After five or six jumps I asked him if he was stalking me. In response, he offered a 1v1. I decided to let him stew a little longer and stayed true to my course. I don't like arranged fights very much.

I was quite disappointed with the size of the local population to be honest. I was expecting hordes of pilots swarming over every anomaly, fighting for the opportunity to be picked off by yours truly. What I saw was mostly empty systems with the occasional dimly lit spot. Quite sad, really.

But never mind that. The Svipul followed me through a gate into a quiet system. I held cloak. He decloaked and burned to the gate. I finally decloaked and he instantly aggressed, rapidly approaching under what appeared to be MWD acceleration.

This was actually rather a boring fight but I am telling you about it because I was very well behaved and didn't make any silly mistakes. Just to show you that I can do it if I really try, you understand.

We were both confident of our fits and were content to sit at zero, duking it out. I immediately saw that he was shield buffer fit and had evidently filled up his lows with damage mods. The DPS hurt, and I was only slowly chipping his shield away. I left my shield repper overheated but turned the heat off my guns, which were starting to get toasty.

My shield was getting gradually lower each cycle so I took my Blue Pill. I was startled to see the shield immediately drop even further but then realised I had received the penalty to shield amount. That was fine - the reps more than made up for it. He finally entered armour was sitting in his pod soon after.

My defeated opponent warped away and immediately requested my fit. He said I was repping too much and accused me of having links. My Scout is Innocent of such a charge and I valiantly defended my honour. He then said I must have a crystal set. I told him this was realms of fantasy for nullsec. But I confessed to my Blue Pill addiction and he seemed content with this revelation of foul play.

Buffer Svipul:

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