Friday, July 3, 2015

Foiled! Damn killrights...

I remembered the killright when my nemesis flashed up on the watchlist. In an earlier episode, Kry Saz had foolishly opened fire on Zappity's cousin in marketing, suffering the instant wrath of CONCORD. This had resulted in the generation of a kill right. I decided it was time to cash in.

A locator agent tracked him down to a highsec island in Heimatar. A good Thera exit landed me reasonably close to the system and it wasn't long before Zappity was sitting next to the acceleration gate which promised to house the Vexor Navy Issue of my foe as well as the Stratios and Vexor of his corpies.

Zappity warped in, her cousin sitting on the button, ready to share the kill right. He had tried to share it with Zappity specifically but, unfortunately, the stupid interface wasn't working properly. The character search didn't work and he couldn't assign the kill right to a specific entity. Oh well, it would just have to be available to everyone.

Zappity warped in and approached the VNI, ready to land tackle. Her cousin hit the button to make available at 50m - done! I looked for the little kill right symbol in Zappity’s Selected Item window - nothing! And still nothing! He warped away. Bugger. I then guessed that you must load grid before the symbol appears. Frustrating!

Of course, he disappeared into a station, now well and truly alerted to the shared kill right. He mocked me, making it clear that I would never catch him and that I was waiting my time. Unfortunately, he was correct. The next time I saw him online, shortly before the right expired, he was safely tucked away in a wormhole.


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