Friday, May 8, 2015

More l33t vintage Zappity

A poor Procurer paid the price in Providence:


He didn't warp away in time. After I killed him one of the locals called me a "vampire" but I think he was just confused about which game he was playing so I let it pass.

A couple of systems over I caught a ratting Dominix. And killed him. Those battleships are so nice and easy to scan down:



By this stage I was getting a bit uppity about killing these Provi ratters and couldn't resist having a go at a Tempest Fleet Issue who was obviously looking for a fight. Unfortunately, my dual boxing skills are absolutely rubbish and the inevitable soon occurred. This is a bit embarrassing but I did promise to be honest in this thread.

I started my l33t performance by clicking the wrong button and Zappity started heading in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this because I shifted my attention to the Legion. The Legion was promptly scram-kited to death. While this was happening, Zappity woke up and started heading in the right direction. She got into scram range just as the Legion died, barely a scratch on the TFI.


Frankly, this was something of a relief because I could concentrate on what I was doing. I got into a tight orbit on the TFI and started chewing away at him. The neuts were pretty bad, though, and the small injector (I had swapped the medium for Ion blasters) just wasn't cutting it.

I struggled with cap, injecting just enough to keep a web and scram active part of the time. The drone dps was still pretty good but my tank against a ship like the TFI relied on getting into orbit. And the bugger kept pulling away.

We both crept down into structure before I capped out again. He pulled away and walloped me at zero transversal. Ouch.


That was a great fight after the Legion died. I think I'll stick to the lone Stratios in future. The only ship that my lone Stratios couldn't have killed was that miserable Raven. Who I didn't find again! The mining ships were obviously no challenge. The Cyclone would have died anyway. The Prophecy would not have survived, and even the Domi wasn't injected and would have died eventually with a single neut applied.

More to the point, I don't enjoy the multiboxing-ships-on-grid caper. It is stressful, I am not good at it and I don't like having to lumber two fighting ships around. I like it even less than not being able to kill the occasional ship.

But I got a little distracted there. To get back to the situation at hand, I escaped with both pods and made my sad way to Amarr. They really should have bubbled the gate and killed them, too. I know I would have after that pathetic performance.

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